Here at Vida Veterinary Mobile Services, we have a smaller team than most practices, but we make up for it with our radiating passion to help animals of all shapes and sizes. All you need is two to make a great team and that is exactly what we have! The benefit of having a small team is that our patients are less stressed, because with only four new hands to get used to we become friends very quickly! Another great benefit is that we have the time to really get to know our clients and develop a great relationship with them. While creating relationships between patients is important, learning and educating ourselves with the latest medical advances and technology is another important item we strive to succeed in, so we are able to give the best treatment your pet deserves.

Our amazing and dedicated team is made up of one VMD: Doctor Alfredo Geigel-Ortiz and our veterinary technicians. Together they work side by side to provide the best and most honest veterinary care possible for every single patient. They are both dedicated animal lovers that have grown up around a variety of different animals. They obtained a deep love and passion for helping them at a very early age and that love has grown into a devoted veterinary team.

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