Welcome to Vida Veterinary

Our goal here at Vida Veterinary Mobile Services is to provide you with the best quality medical for your pets, in the comfort of their own home. Not only can we provide your pets Annual wellness checkup, we also offer laboratory diagnostics, surgical procedures and acupuncture to name a few!
In the event that our facilities would be needed to care for your pet, we can transport them to and from your house.

Vida Veterinary is owned and operated by Dr. Alfredo Geigel-Ortiz. Although his primary focus is small animals and exotic pets (including fish and poultry), we take all shapes and sizes. Dr. Geigel works with pets and their owners in Austin and the surrounding communities.

Our passion is to keep your pet healthy and safe - Por Vida, for Life!

Se habla Español

We are happy to assit you by phone or email to set up an appointment for your pets.

October 31st is the last day Dr. Geigel will have Rebecca as a technician.

Why Go Mobile?
Home veterinary care is convenient for pet owners and less stressful for their pets.
Pet owners of multiple pets - you no longer have to make multiple trips since we come to you!
Quality medicine at your doorstep.
Fast results and one on one interaction with the doctor.
No more waiting rooms!